Sunday, 22 February 2015

Green box - envelope punch board

Well, that wasn't planned very well was it, two box posts in a row.

This one is at least a little different from the last one. It's kind of a flat shape and you'd fit something fairly slim into it. It measures 4 1/8 ins (10.5cm) wide, 3½ ins (9cm) high, and ¾in (2.3cm) deep.

You'll need a piece of card 7½ ins square.

Using the Stampin Up! envelope punch board, punch and score at 2 7/8 ins and 4 1/8 ins, Turn anticlockwise and score each side following the score lines already made until all four sides are punched and scored.

The back of the box will look like an envelope so you can close it the way that fits the contents best.

I made this very simple with no stamps or embellishments apart from a piece of ribbon. Hope you like it! Next post will have a card or two.

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